Romance Linguistics

In the area of Romance linguistics, attention will be paid to relations of power and prestige (hidden as well as explicit) that have led to the distribution of linguistic centers and peripheries in areas where Romance languages are spoken. This may concern relations of diglossia (intraidiomatic relations as well as relations between different languages, where at least one is a Romance language), language geography, sociolinguistics or language policy and language planning of Romance languages. The focus of the study may be diachronic as well as synchronic.


  • diglossia and bilingualism in Romance language areas
  • endangered languages (Romance and non-Romance) in Romance language areas
  • language policy and language planning of Romance languages (synchronic and/or diachronic point of view)
  • language landscaping in Romance language areas

Languages used in presentations: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, English

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